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Luxurious Private Island

Luxury island Rio de Janeiro


  • Private Island
  • Private Launch
  • Helipad
  • Solar
  • 4 Buldings
  • 62000 SQM of land

This beautiful island is located 3 km from the port of Brachuy, with 62,500m² and 1,200m² in perimeter. It is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Bay of Angra dos Reis, as well as comfort and privacy. With a water supply system, it has a supply of 3 natural springs and a main system, which with other deposits accumulates 70,000 litres and self sufficient electrical energy through solar panels. The buildings on the island are divided into 4 distinct areas, they are: The main house that accommodates the TV room, pantry, dining room and kitchen, with 92m² surrounded by a wooden deck. The 4 bungalows in line and divided by a room with bar, where the rooms are, with 347m² and a deck that gives access to the sea. In the covered area of the 16m² barbecue area, there is a lawn with coconut trees and a sun lounger, leading this lawn to a natural freshwater pool, carved in the stone by the sea.

It also has the property of the caretaker and the boat house, with 120m², where the solar energy capture and deposit plates are installed.

Getting to and from the island is via your own personal launch, enabling the transportation of people and supplies, with an additional 8 meter wooden trawler. The property also has a helipad. Beautiful private island with large green area!

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