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The Mill

The Mill

Welcome to ‘The Mill’

The Mill brings to Lancaster a development of luxury self-contained studio apartments for the city’s thriving student community.

On-site café

Modern Gym

Cinema & Meeting Rooms

Games Room

All students’ needs are catered for on site with a host of amenities, the development is located on the universities doorstep

The Location

The Mill is located closer than any other PBSA development to the Lancaster University Campus, there are no potential development sites in any close proximity safeguarding it as the most attractive proposition to the cities many students.

Why Buy To Let

Investing in property has always been considered a fairly stable mid to long-term investment, as renting can earn a good income on a monthly basis and if the property is bought and sold later, it can make a considerable profit, particularly if research has been made into the area, such as transport, education and leisure facilities

Risk and return

  • The amount of rent you can charge varies according to a number of factors, including wider market trends outside your control. Rents are not guaranteed.If you can’t find tenants – or if you can’t charge the rent you expected – you might not be able to cover your mortgage repayments.
  • If house prices fall, the value of your property is likely to fall as well. You might not be able to sell it for as much as you hoped.
  • If you have to sell and the sale price doesn’t cover the whole mortgage, you’ll have to make up the difference.
  • Major repairs or difficult tenants might increase your costs – and trouble – unexpectedly.
  • If the housing market does well, you might be able to sell your property for a profit.

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